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• Revaluation certificate received for placement in the system
A revaluation act was received from the central accounting system and / or entered by the operator.

• The revaluation certificate is placed in the system
In the system, the posted revaluation certificate receives the status “Placed”, then the task is transferred to the data collection terminal (TSD).

• The act is transferred to TSD
A store employee is authorized on TSD with his password, either by face or by an individual bar code, and receives a list of tasks. A store employee selects a task for arranging price tags and follows the instructions on the TSD (the contents of the order can be grouped into groups).

• A store employee scans goods on the trading floor
The store employee goes through the list of tasks, scans the barcode of the product from the price tag or from the product itself and receives the price tag printed on a mobile printer, and inserts the price tag into the price holder (the line is marked with a special marker on the fulfillment of the task item).

• A mark in the accounting system of the fact of setting the price tag
In the accounting and cash system of the goods, a note appears on the installation of the price tag at its location.

* This system integrates with any software and hardware infrastructure of the Trading Network.
"SET PRICE SET" – It is intended to automate the process of fixing the fact of setting a price tag for a product and revaluing a product at the time of setting a price tag, which synchronizes the process of setting a price for a product after the price tag is installed.