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• Install a mobile application.
Buyer - a user of a mobile gadget downloads the application to a mobile device from the appropriate GooglePlayMarket, AppStore, WindowsStore services or from a trading network website. The application is installed on a mobile device, the buyer registers in it and logs in.

• Registration in the TS Shop
The buyer at the entrance to the store is determined by the system via GPS (if it is turned on), or by scanning a special QR-Code (at the entrance to the trading floor) of the store. After successful registration of the buyer in the store, he can begin to make purchases on the trading floor.

• Shopping
The buyer scans the barcode of the goods and transfers the goods to the basket.

• Payment for purchases
The buyer scans the QR-Code at the checkout counter of the store, or at the self-checkout counter (our production - SamKassir or any other manufacturer) using his gadget. The list of goods is transferred to the cash register, where the system automatically displays all the discounts, promotions and the total amount. The buyer pays for the goods.

* This system integrates with any software and hardware infrastructure of the Trading Network.
"SELF BUY"- a solution by which customers make purchases by scanning goods on the trading floor using their own mobile gadgets, smartphones, tablets, and then make payments through a mobile gadget (only non-cash payment) or through a payment station, cash desk of a trading network, or on the SamKassir device without the participation of a cashier, by any type of payment (cash and / or non-cash). The application for a mobile phone, developed by a group of programmers of INTELTECH LLC, is fully integrated with the range, barcodes, systems of prices, discounts and loyalty of the trading network.