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"ORDER COMPLETE" – The Order Assembly System using Data Collection Terminals (TSD), designed for the automated collection of customer orders, this complex is built into the software infrastructure of the distribution network.

• Order placement
The buyer places an order through the portal of the Trading Network, either a mobile application (in this case, the buyer can pay for the goods in advance), or by talking to a Call Center specialist who takes the order from the buyer.

• Assignment task
The accounting system, having received the placed and agreed customer order, automatically generates a task for the assembly of the order, and transfers it to the TSD for pickers (order pickers).

• Selecting an assembly order job
A store employee receives a notification on the TSD about the receipt of a new order assembly task. The picker is authorized on the TSD with his password, either by face or by an individual barcode, and receives a list of tasks. The picker selects the task for the assembly of the order and follows the instructions on the TSD (the contents of the order can be sorted into groups).

• Assembly of the order in the trading floor
The picker goes through the list of order items, scans the barcode of the product from the price tag or from the product itself, takes the required quantity of the product, transfers this product to the basket, the order line on the TSD is marked with a special marker on the fulfillment of the order item.

• Completion of the assignment
Upon completion of the order assembly, the picker clicks the “Complete Order” button, the status is “Completed”, status information and the order itself are transferred to the accounting system.

• Order delivery
A completed order is sent to the buyer, or is waiting for pickup. If the order is sent by courier, then the status of the order changes to “Goods in transit”, the buyer is notified by “SMS”, Viber, WhatsApp, or by phone call center specialist.

* This system integrates with any software and hardware infrastructure of the Trading Network.