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"GOODS ACCEPT" – It is designed to automate the process of fixing the fact of acceptance of goods at the warehouse using a data collection terminal (TSD).

• Placing an Order for a Supplier
The manager of the Trading Network places an order with the supplier in accordance with the protocol of price coordination and the schedule of delivery of goods by the supplier.

• Supplier Confirmation
The supplier who receives the order confirms it, sends a confirmation of the distribution network, carries out the assembly in accordance with the order and sends the TTN to the distribution network by EDI.

• Formation of tasks for goods acceptance
After the confirmation of the Order and TTN from the supplier has been placed in the system, the system generates a task for goods acceptance by the indicated time of shipment and delivery of goods by the supplier to the distribution network. When the goods arrive at the distribution network from the supplier, the goods receiver of the Trading Network takes the TSD, selects the necessary acceptance task, discloses the contents of the order and TTN, and proceeds to accept the goods.

• Acceptance of goods
The receiver of the distribution network scans the barcode of the goods transferred from the carrier to the receiver in the acceptance zone, the system checks for compliance with all items: price (according to the approval protocol), quantity (according to the ordered and TTN), if the price and / or quantity of the goods do not match - the line is marked in red a marker; the line with the correct values ​​is marked with a special marker on the completion of the task item). Goods that were not ordered by the Trading Network, but brought by the supplier, are grayed out. System setup allows you to change the colors, logic, scenarios of the system in accordance with the rules and needs of the customer.
Upon completion of acceptance, a Non-Compliance Protocol (acceptance certificate of goods) is formed, which is automatically sent to the Supplier.

• Completion of acceptance
Upon completion of acceptance, the Acceptance Certificate, an increase in product balances in the warehouse of the distribution network are placed in the accounting system.

* This system integrates with any software and hardware infrastructure of the Trading Network.